MobiCoins Wallet is one of Mobi Friends’ competitive solutions. It is the platform that consists of various convenient features with Blockchain-based P2P technology. In order for MobiCoins Wallet to be implemented in payment industry environment and users’ daily lives, it is designed that all essential activities can be performed within one mobile application, such as wallet, online shopping, loan, exchange market, messenger, call and many other features. In other words, the purpose of MobiCoins Wallet is to mount a variety of convenience features in one mobile application to improve the user experience that has never existed before. MobiCoins Wallet platform will make “Exchange + Wallet + Payment” much easier.
Various Uses
1. Payment
Payment is made easily by using QR Code or Card reader at stores.
Associating with Master Card, it enab les to make payment worldwide.
2. Shopping Mall
Puchasing products and discount benefits by using Hamebi Token (HMB).
3. P2P
Connecting with users nearby based on GPS Location features and enabling P2P exchanges & transactions.
4. Bank transfer between users
Wire transfer, payment of various fees and many other payment can be made much easier and more comfortable than exisitng banks.
5. Messenger
Buyers and Sellers are connected through Messengers and transfer me sseges and data.
Onlines Customer Service is also supported.
6. Exchange Market
Connected with existing global excha nges, cryptocurrency transactions and withdrawal & Deposit in KRW are possible.
7. Charge with Master Card
All listed cryptocurrencies on Mobi Market can be exchanged in forms of M-cash (MCH). And MCH can be charged to your Master Card and spent at the stores or withdrawn at banks.
And so much more Upcoming Updates !
8. Swap
Listing hundreds of cyptocurrencies on Mobi Exchange and Trading with other tokens.
9. Registration of Application
other exisiting applications that are frequently used can be added to MobiCoins Wallet app easily.
10. Search
Provided with various services including first-hand online searching through application.
11. Purchase
Listed Tokens can be purchased on MobiCoins Wallet Application.
Download MobiCoins Wallet App here