Today, too many messengers are there !
You go abroad and want to make friends. But you don't know what messenger is popular in that community. 
Then, 'Talksbi' is the greatest solution for you. It brings you to the bigger world.
'Talksbi' enables you to link all different types of messengers in one mobile application.
'Talksbi' makes you communicate with people from all over the world. 
Why TalksBi?
The general purpose of 'Messenger' is to enable users to freely communicate with others by sending messages and data in real-time through Internet network. With the development of communication technology, messengers have been settled as the basic essential application on mobile devices. However, depending on each country, culture, personal taste or purposes, users use many different types of messenger applications. Today, since there have been invented too many messenger applications, users sometimes feel confused of what messenger they should use when communicating with people from different countries, cultures, backgrounds and certain purposes. As a result, users download multiple messengers on their devices and switch from one to another app, which causes stress and confusion.
And 'TalksBi' is the ANSWER for all these problems.
You Are
1. Reduces unnecessary accesses and makes integrated management of various conversation contents possible by listing and showing all messages received from the other messenger applications.
2. Enable users to easily manage all downloaded messenger apps in one messenger. So users no longer need to think about what messenger application to use and remember where to find certain conversation histories or friends.
1. Integrated Chatting List
a. Integrated management for all conversation on all downloaded chatting apps.
b. Easily search for the chatting histories from other messengers within one application.
2. Integrated Management of all contacts and profiles saved on your device.
Users can easily find their friends or colleagues from all compatible messenger apps on TalksBi.
3. Real-Time Token Exchange with your friends
a. Users can immediately transfer and receive tokens while chatting.
b. No longer need to access your bank account to check your transaction history.
Releated Patents