Mobi Exchange developed by Mobi Friends Co., Ltd, interlinks directly with MobiCoins Wallet, facilitates immediate P2P transactions and the operation of assets. In addition, through the self-listing system in the exchange, it can be operated together with the services of third-party cryptocurrency companies. Besides, Mobi Exchange not only includes the basic features implemented in the existing exchanges, but also support other special features. And all exchange features are directly interlinked within Mobicoins Walllet, making its scalability even greater. Also, users will not have to go through the complicated process of deposit and withdrawal of legal currency or profits generated by the exchange and P2P transactions, but will be immediately available for consumption activities that are essential to the real life, such as purchasing goods through online shopping malls and paying utility bills within MobiCoins Wallet.
Short Term Plan
• The point of revenue generation is expected to be 10 months after the project begins.
• The point of clearing accumulated deficit is expected to be approximately 6 to 7 months after the revenue generation point.
Long Term Plan
Mobi Exchange generates profits from transaction fees when withdrawal and deposit coins or money from platforms. The four main profit models are:
1) Earnings from coin listing fees
2) Profit from platform advertisement 
3) Income from cryptocurrency loans 
4) Revenue from product sales from online shopping malls.
These will be expanded as global service. In the future, free call and chat support, interest-free coin loan and global funding for start-up companies will help us make partnership with competitive companies.