KCI (Korea Consultants International) is the one of the top civil engineering companies in Korea.  This firm has led the business of engineering services with Ministry of Construction and Transportation since 1983. KCI has done over 155 projects in related to International construction in Korea and different countries, such as Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Laos, Iraq, Kenya, The Central African Republic and many other regions.
 Its service has been providing overall services such as construction management for roads railway and ports road, structural safety diagnosis, bedrock investigation, I.T.S(Intellectual Transportation System) project, environmental evaluation, town development plan, water and sewage survey. The most well-known work is the Incheon Grand Bridge Turn-key project. KCI is now working on the project “Saemanguem Expressway construction”, “Seosan Sewage Pipe Maintenance Project including three other construction management services” in Korea, Implementation Support and Works Supervision Consultant for Road Asset Management Project in Cambodia from 2018.