GBFC stands for “Global Blockchain Finance Committee”. GBFC was established during Conference in title of “Blockchain Finance Implementation for Poverty Eradication and Metropolis Policies” held by ISEA Foundation in May 2019. GBFC is the committee which consists of professionals and representatives in various fields of blockchain technology and finance in the world. This committee was founded by the agreement and support of conference participants on “Resolutions” section during this conference. For this conference, 219 representatives from 110 cities, including city mayor, NGO representatives and professionals from private sectors in various fields were approved and 20 VIP members agreed and made concrete resolutions for “MobiDollar Project”.
 And GBFC will collaborate with designated partners and global leaders to achieve 1st and 2nd goals of sustainable development goals, especially the “Survival Human Rights” which the elements are: Right to Food, Right to Sleep, Right to Emergency Medical Service, Right to Movement, Right to Communication, Right to Education and Right to Information.